Monday, April 27, 2015

Our last meeting

Today was our last meeting for our 4-H group!  We had a wonderful party! We had amazing snacks and we played dirty Easter Bunny.  I hope to see all of you next year!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dairy Poster

Hey Guys,

If you are planning on doing a dairy poster here is the flyer about it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today's Demonstration and Exhibit Board Winners

Thank You so much Clover Clubbers for coming to this months meeting and doing such a bang up job on your Demonstrations and Exhibit Boards.  Since everyone did different projects everyone got 1st place!  I took a bunch of pictures of you guys and a video of the exhibit boards.  I took out the talking in case some of you didn't want your Exhibit Board Presentation on video.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our County Speech Competition Winners

Last Week our Clover Club went to the Speech Competition at Cheatham Park Elementary.  Our Clover Club did so well!  4th Grade 1st place Devon Waite, 2nd place Allen Jones.  7th Grade 1st place Dasha Guthrie 2nd was Analynn Jones, 3rd place Arianna Banta, 4th place Daryl Hoover.  9th Grade 1st place Amber Jones, 2nd Selina Waite, 3rd Darla Hoover.  12th Grade 1st place Miranda Waite.

Devon Waite (Far Right) Allen Jones (2nd from right)

Allen Jones (far right)

(going from left to right) Arianna Banta, Dasha Guthrie, Analynn Jones, Daryl Hoover

(left to right) Selina Waite, Amber Jones, and Darla Hoover

(far left) Miranda Waite

Yesterday's Meeting: Winners of Posters

Yesterday January the 26th we had a great turn out with the poster competition.  In the 4th Grade division Allen Jones and Devon Waite both tied for 1st place.  Amelia Frank got 2nd and Emily Acey got 3rd.  6th Grade Jackson Lee got first.  7th Grade Analynn Jones and Dasha Guthrie tied for 1st.  Daryl Hoover and Arianna Banta tied for 2nd.  In 8th Grade Cameron Bradley got 1st.  9th Grade, Selina Waite got 1st, Amber Jones got 2nd and Darla Hoover 3rd.  Everyone did a fantastic job and we are very proud of you!  And also thanks to our Judges, Kathy Finley and Ginny Neal for taking the time to judge our posters!  

All of our contestants who went to the county speech competition

Our 4-H officers 

Saying the pledge

The Boys (Daryl Hoover, Jackson Lee, Devon Waite, and Allen Jones)

The Girls (Amelia Frank, Emily Acey, Dasha Guthrie and Arianna Banta)

And More Girls (Amber Jones, Analynn Jones and Darla Hoover)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Robertson County 4-H

Hi everyone!

This year's 4-H is going great and our 4-H club is growing so much! We have about 16 members in our group this year. We are all having a wonderful time.

So far, we have done our Speeches, and are now working on our posters. (those are due in January)

If you are looking to join our 4-H club, there is still time!!! Also, if you join, you can still make up your speech.

We would love to have more members in our 4-H club! If you want to join, you can call the Robertson County extension office. (615) 384-7936

Hope to see you at the January 26th meeting!!!